Uses For Vaseline You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Hide furniture scratches

It’s always a good feeling when you make your house a home, right? This normally involves adding your own personal touches, including photos and personal items, creating a theme that resonates with your likes and dislikes, and choosing the right furniture. If you choose to have wooden furniture in your house, you may know that this is a bit of a risk.

Any scuffs or scratches in the wood can be seen from the other side of the room, and it can be hard not to fixate on such imperfections. Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world. Vaseline can help to cover up these scratches, and all you have to do is dab the jelly over the scuffs and leave it there for 24 hours. When you wipe it off, the scratches shouldn’t be as obvious.

Remove dry gum

Do you chew gum? Even if you don’t, you’ve probably been exposed to it over the years, as there are many people in this world who choose not to dispose of their gum in the correct way. Instead, they stick it under railings, they throw it on the floor, or they stick it under tables. There’s nothing worse than accidentally touching dry gum on the underside of a table, and it can be enough to make your toes curl.

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While many people think that the only way to remove this gum is to scrape at it for hours on end, this isn’t the case. It’s much easier to apply Vaseline to the gum and let it work its magic for a while. Eventually, you should be able to wipe away the gum without any trouble.

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Soothe a fever

Nobody likes being ill. Although our immune systems try to protect us as much as they can, sometimes we can’t help but succumb to various temporary illnesses. While the common cold zaps the energy out of people, that’s nothing compared to the way that you feel when you have a fever and the flu. It can often feel as though you are burning up and freezing cold at the same time, and it’s hard for your body to try and regulate its temperature while it’s trying to fight off such a difficult illness.

If your forehead becomes painful and too hot to handle, it might be an idea to seek out some Vaseline. All you need to do is pop the petroleum jelly into the freezer for just five minutes, and then spread it on your forehead.

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