10 Top Dangerous Dogs in the World

3. Huskies


The only dog that easily bleeds with strangers, the huskies is also one of the most dangerous species. This is despite the fact that is also among the dog breeds with low socializing characteristics. It has a strong body and builds in for athletic performance. With its strong body, it is an ideal choice for carting alongside other responsibilities that require strength. Its athletic built body and strength gives it a higher hand in an attack and is known to do so at the slightest provocation.

2. Rottweiler


Accredited with having very good guarding instincts, Rottweiler also makes it to the list of the most dangerous dog breeds. It falls in the class of working dogs a factor enhanced by its big size and strong body. This comes alongside the fact that the dogs are extremely fast and therefore can easily outsmart its attack target. It is one of the dogs known for calm behaviors but turn violent on provocation. Poor training, neglect and irresponsible handling of the dog are among the factors that are known to make the dog a threat.

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