10 Top Dangerous Dogs in the World

7. Wolf Hybrid

wolf dangerous dogs

Dogs belong to the same family with the wolfs. Wolfs are also the ancestors of the dogs according to historians. However despite this there are breeds which are directly bred from the wolfs. They are products of a dog and a wolf. Such a breed it means has both the characteristics of a dog and a wolf which is entirely a wild animal. It is this wild trait that makes the dog unpredictable and a potential threat. In most countries, the breed is not accepted as a pet. It can easily turn around and be aggressive. If adopted, the dog requires professional training to equip it with adequate skills that will overcome its wild characteristics.

6. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers dangerous dogs

Doberman Pinschers is known to be a good guard. They were traditionally referred to as police dogs. One of the most royal breeds, the dog is known and highly credited in offering security to its master and property. With a medium built body, they possess massive strength and are known to be very intelligent. They are overly protective and will tend to attack in the event its master or their family is approached by a stranger. Despite being intelligent, they can easily get provoked while training more so if excess force is used against them. In this regard, they require handling and training calmly as well as ensuring they are well locked up if there are visitors around.

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