10 Top Dangerous Dogs in the World

9. Boxer

Boxer Dangerous Dogs

This is one of the best dogs used by police and security firms. Boxer ranks highly among other breeds when considered in levels of intelligence. A playful breed, the dog is easy to train a good reason why the are used in security services. The dogs are known to be headstrong with a strong body and powerful paws and jaws. Despite not being overly aggressive they are known to turn violent when provoked. With their strength, this breed has potential to cause grievous harm on a victim and hence requires to be handled with caution at all times.

8. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane is the tallest of all dogs breed on the globe. This is alongside a strong big body that makes the look to be fearful. Great Dane has the best social characteristics among other breeds and thus the best friend for a man among all breeds. High height and strongly built body makes them ideal for long walks hence a good companion for hunters. However, they are ranked among the breeds with low intelligence and are hard to train. Being hard on them while training can easily provoke them and their strength enough to overpower any man and cause harm.

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