Tiger King Got These Facts Wrong About Joe Exotic And The Entire Cast

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Netflix’s Tiger King has taken our lives by storm, and the thunder is still rumbling. Wacky and disturbing new details continue emerging about what really went on behind the scenes. How badly did Joe Exotic mistreat his tigers? What’s the new Jeff Lowe conspiracy? And for the love of our orange and black striped friends, did Carole Baskin actually kill her husband? It’s time to plunge into the depths of one of television’s most bizarre worlds yet.

1. Doc Antle Refutes Claims That He Has Multiple Wives

The Tiger King universe was filled to the brim with multiple polarizing characters, and Bhagavan “Doc” Antle was no exception. Founder of his own 50-acre wildlife preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Antle was depicted as having multiple wives on the documentary, a controversial issue that many viewers found to be more than a bit icky.

doc antle

However, he has since refuted that unsettling claim in an interview with podcaster Theo Von, where Antle said: “I’m a single guy. I have married 25 years ago, but I’m a single guy, I’ve got girlfriends. It can’t be unique that I have girlfriends — it’s just that it got put on a screen.”

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