The 9 Popular Shortest Men In Hollywood Who Are Incredibly Small

6. Daniel Radcliffe

He may be a wizard, but it’s clear that he hasn’t tried any height enhancing potions on himself yet. At 5 feet and 5 inches, Daniel Radcliffe is relatively short for a male actor but is he going to let that stand in his way? No chance.

During an interview with Playboy magazine, he pointed out several big-name actors that are the same height as him. He also pointed out that the minimum height for a marine is five feet, so he could even play a soldier if he wanted to.

Ken Jeong

You may recognize this funny shortest men from comedy movies such as The Hangover series, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and Role Models. If you’re a fan of the sitcom Community, then you may also recognize him as the character Ben Chang.

Ken Jeong is 5 foot 5, but his height isn’t the most interesting thing about him. Did you know that he used to be an actual medical doctor before he gave it all up to pursue his acting career?! Fascinating.

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