10 brilliant ways to get rid of pests and ants in the kitchen

6. Cucumbers

While people usually enjoy cucumbers as a refreshing summertime snack, the peel can be harmful to ants and other insects. To keep bugs out of your house, you can use cucumbers in two ways. You can slice a cucumber into thin discs and place those by entryways or you can peel the cucumber and lay the peelings around your doors and windows. Either way, the cucumber will either repel the ants or will attract and kill them.

7. Coffee grounds

One of the best-smelling options for getting rid of ants is coffee grounds. If you can locate the anthill from which the pests originate, you can dump your used coffee grounds directly on top. If you can’t find the hill or just want to keep the ants out of your house, sprinkle used coffee grounds along any entrances the ants could utilize.

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