10 brilliant ways to get rid of pests and ants in the kitchen

4. Garlic

If you don’t mind the smell of garlic, you can use it as a natural ant repellent. Just cut up a few cloves of garlic to leave around the areas you’ve noticed the ants and your house will soon be pest-free. If you don’t want your house to smell like garlic, though, this tip might not be your best option.

5. Petroleum jelly

If you keep your pets’ food bowls in the kitchen, you’ve likely dealt with ants finding their way into any food that isn’t eaten immediately. You definitely shouldn’t use a store-bought repellent around your cat or dog’s food, so you need a pet-friendly remedy. Put a thin layer of petroleum jelly near the base of the food bowl. This will be too slippery for ants to crawl over, keeping them out of the food meant for the animals who are actually welcome in the house.

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