Hyperhidrosis Diet Tips

Although there may be worse disorders to have, suffering from Hyperhidrosis is no day in thepark. And many hyperhidrosis sufferers (including myself) will vouch that it can completelyconsume and ruin any situation.Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you body sweats excessively and spontaneously for noparticular reason at all. It could be 50 Degrees outside and your body is still dripping from thehands, feet, face or underarms with relentless, unbearable perspiration.An imbalance in your body’s sympathetic nervous system causes your sweat glands to becontinuously triggered to fire off endless perspiration.It’s no exaggeration to say that hyperhidrosis can be devastating. It slowly beats down yourself-confidence and simultaneously creates self-consciousness that others around you noticethe problem too.You DO have alternatives though.Let’s get to the heart of this article and start curing you of this problem right away!As atrocious as hyperidrosis is, the condition IS treatable. Here I’ll be putting you on the righttrack to overcoming your excessive sweating by outlining a diet guideline that will steer youclear from encouraging further sweating. Your diet lays the foundation for curing your sweatproblem so don’t take these tips lightly. All other excessive sweating treatments build uponthese tips.It’s simple enough. There are eating & drinking habits that encourage sweating and there areothers that discourage it. Here, you’ll be learning some of the more prominent sweat inducingculprits. I’ll additionally show you the way you’ll supplement your diet with things that forestall sweating.These are proactive measures. They stop the sweating before it starts. They’ll require you touse less deodorant and spend less time engaging in sweat stopping home remedies. These tipsdon’t put out the fire. They forestall it to start with.So, let’s start with the bad news first. Here’s all the stuff you should NOT be eating anddrinking. They promote perspiration and play mayhem on your hyperidrosis.

Things to Avoid:

Garlic – I offer all you Italian food lovers out there my condolences. I used to LOVE eatinglinguini with white clam sauce. Of course an hour after the meal, my palms, face and shirtwould explode with sweat bombs. It took a while before I put two and two together but after alittle research I came up with the reason.I’m going to get pretty fancy here with my medical explanation. Ready?

Garlic – robust smelling sulfur compounds square measure metabolized, forming allyl methyl sulfide. Allylmethyl sulfide (AMS) cannot be digested and is passed into the blood. From there, it’s carriedto the lungs and the skin, where it is excreted.Your body throws the garlic waste out your skin and breath – hence “garlic breath”. This is likeputting your hyperhidrosis on steroids with the bonus of body odor. Not so good.
Onions – Depending on the strength of the onions you’re eating, you may sweat a lot or just alittle. No matter what though – you’ll sweat! The pungency of onions has a heating effect thatincreases your circulation. This is what raises temperature and causes sweating. Thiseffect is actually helpful in lowering fevers and sweating out colds and flu. For you, however,it’ll just feed the flame. Curve your onion eating until you get a grip on your sweating problemthrough other means.
Caffeine – It’s found in coffee, tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, cocoa and chocolate, nonprescriptiondrugs and prescription drugs, weight-control aids, and a variety of other commonly consumed items.Tea is the ONLY exception to this rule and I’ll get thereto in an exceedingly bit. Other than tea, stay away for a while.The link between caffeine and your sweating is probably obvious to you already. It’s a stimulant, raisingblood pressure, increasing circulation and heartbeat. Your body is a machine, running at a constant 98.6degrees. Speed up the parts and you’ll heat up the machine.Your morning coffee is enough to raise your internal body temperature and dampen your shirt in notime. I know it might be tough for some of you coffee drinkers and soda addicts out there, but try to cutout the caffeine at least for a little while.
Spicy Foods – Peppers and spicy dishes are blatant offenders. They cause increased sweatingby speeding up your metabolism (much like caffeine). Do yourself a favor and cut them out aswell. Chances are, if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you’re already aware of the effect hot wingshave on your underarms. Yikes!
Alcohol – This is a HUGE No No. Let me just say one quick thing about drinking withhyperhidrosis. When my sweaty hands were at their worst, I actually found drinking a fewbeers to be helpful. When I’d drink a little, my hands actually seemed to dry up. I attributed
this to the alcohol restful Pine Tree State and serving to my anxiety evoked perspiration. Turned out I wasVERY WRONG.Alcohol dehydrates your body at first. That’s why you find yourself going to the bathroom somuch when you drink. Your body is flushing out all of its fluids. However, this is only the firststage. After that, your body temperature begins to climb causing the acceleration of fluids tobe flushed from your sweat pores as well.Now, let’s talk about what you SHOULD be eating and drinking…