How to Improve Your Memory and to Think Faster

How to Improve Your Memory

Every bit of information in our memory is connected, our memory works by association, we associate experiences, objects and people, for example if you think about the word fish you immediately associate it with water, or the word watch you think about what time is it. If there were no association between the information we receive, it would be very difficult for us to remember things.

So why do people have bad memory? The answer is easy, we have a good memory but we don’t use it efficiently, the key to have a good memory is to practice using it. Then what can you do to learn to remember things in a better way? The answer is creating association! If there is something you need to remember associate it with something else you believe will help you remembering. For example if you need to buy something for dinner associate it with the supermarket or think about yourself eating that specific food. This way it will be easy for you to remember before the information fades from the short-term memory. Sometimes it won’t be so fast because there is information that is not so easy to associate; here comes the challenge to the brain, the idea is to be creative and make that brain think beyond, of course you are not going to create a whole story every time you want to remember something, just some pictures here and there. Practicing these kind of exercises will launch your brain into a new level; now that we know how memory works let’s take advantage of that property.

How to Think Faster

Have you ever been in a situation in which you need to give a fast answer but your brain seems to be blank? You try to look there for the correct answer but you can’t find it so fast. For some people, commonly adults result difficult to think fast, it takes a while for the brain to search the information and processes it. Again, it is all about brain training, the same as a person trains to run faster in a race, the same way it can train to think faster. Here is the how to:

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1) RelaxIt is the first thing you need to do. If you have hundreds of thoughts in your mind at the same, it will be cluttered and you will be frustrated trying to filter the information. Just breath, calm down and think about that specific information you are looking for. Try this exercise frequently; while working just stop for a minute and solve a three digit addition or a multiplication as fast as you can, then go back to your work. Two weeks later you will see a big improvement in your response time.

2) AnalyzeThe objective is to think faster and answer faster yes, but also the purpose is that the brain looks for the correct information. Some reasoning games will help with this. Look for games where you have three or more possible solutions to a problem, choose the one that best suits in a short period of time, beat that clock!

3) Be creativeCreativity is a great brain booster. Maybe you are not such a creative person but try writing down a story, each day you can write down a page within a month you will have a complete story. Children are very creative; this contributes to their fast learning of things, give a boost to your imagination and let it go. Who knows you can turn into a famous novelist.

4) Use the mapYou are trying to understand that history topic you need for school and it seems going nowhere in your mind. A good resource will be to use a mind mapping where you can visualize the information and store it. Later when you need to think fast about that homework your brain will recall the image for you faster.

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