[ TAKE ] : The Perfect Way How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth At Home !!

Position the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle.

Clean your dog’s teeth in small, circular motions. Keep in mind not to brush your dog’s teeth too hard since it might hurt their gums. You should also be extra careful if your dog has any mouth disorders like swollen gums.

Perform a downward stroke to remove any tartar that is stuck in your dog’s teeth.

If your dog resists brushing their teeth, especially their inner teeth that touch their cheek, don’t fight them. Once your dog gets used to brushing, they’d be more open to you brushing their teeth which you can do twice or thrice a week.

Aside from brushing, you can keep your dog’s teeth healthy by giving them a proper diet. Chew toys also help clean your dog’s teeth and makes their gums and teeth strong.

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