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Stay Committed

Reasons To Stay Committed

GO FOR CONSISTENCY OVER FREQUENCY Committing to a new course of action may seem to demand a grand gesture: I’m going to meditate for twenty minutes every day. But if you miss a day, all can seem lost, so—if you’re like most of us—you probably quit and tell yourself it’s too hard. To up your …

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Some Tips For Training Your Brain

Here, then, are some ideas for evening up boys’ and girls’ social-emotional differences: More people, fewer toys in infancy. Babies—both male and female—are instinctively social and do their best learning through interaction with those who love them. It hasn’t been proven, but I believe that the proliferation of toys, bouncy seats, and electronic entertainment is …

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15 Top Brain Training Tips

15 Top Brain Training Tips The brain is not designed to be multitask although people want to do everything at the same time. Imagine a woman who is carrying a baby on her arm while she is talking on the cell phone, doing laundry, cooking…poor brain. Yes she did all that stuff but then she …

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