8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying

# 5 No appetite

8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying dog eating

Rover suddenly has no interest in his favorite food, and he refuses even the tastiest treats you’re offering him.

Even if you tempt him to eat something, he doesn’t keep it down. He also stops drinking water.

That’s because his organs – kidneys and liver – aren’t functioning properly anymore and they are shutting down.

Rover doesn’t feel hunger or thirst anymore, and his digestive system can’t handle the food you’re giving him.

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# 6 Incontinence

Another warning sign that a dog is dying is incontinence.

Dying dogs lose control over their body functions slowly but surely. At first, Rover might not move from his spot to “go to the bathroom” because he is too weak and can’t stand.

Later on, the body continues to weaken progressively, and Rover doesn’t have control over the sphincter muscle and the one controlling his bladder.

Even the most well-trained dog will soil himself, so it’s a warning that the end is near.

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#7 Tremors

8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying dog shaking

What I remember most distinctively about the time we lost Puffy is the shaking. The poor fellow couldn’t stop trembling all day, and nothing we tried helped.

These spasms occur because the dog’s digestive system isn’t working properly anymore, which leads to a drop in the blood sugar levels.

# 8 Breathing difficulties

dog-8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying dog breahing

During the last days/ hours, you’ll notice that your dog’s breathing patterns are changing. Rover’s breaths are getting shallow and the time between one inhaling/exhaling and the next one is increasing significantly.

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In time, it will get more and more difficult for Rover to breath, by which point you should prepare to say your last goodbyes.

What to do if you notice these warning signs that a dog is dying

It is important to reiterate that one, two, or even more of these warning signs that a dog is dying could be caused by something entirely different…and entirely curable.

For example:

  • Incontinence could be caused by a urinary tract infection that is easily cleared up with antibiotics.
  • Breathing problems could indicate congestive heart failure, which isn’t the death sentence that it sounds like.
  • Lack of appetite can be caused by many things, from other illnesses to food allergies (which can pop up at any time in your dog’s life).

Before you take all of these signs as proof that the end is near, get your dog to the vet for a checkup. Prepare yourself for bad news, but leave a little room for hope.

My last advice to you is to follow your instincts. Our conscious mind might have a hard time accepting what’s happening, but deep down you already know.

Don’t waste whatever time you have left but use it to say your goodbyes.

What do you think about these 8 warning signs that a dog is dying? Would you mind sharing your story with us in the comments?

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