8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying

#3 Hiding

8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying hiding

Even though people had domesticated dogs a long time ago, our pets still have some of their natural instincts.

For example, dogs know that showing vulnerability attracts the attention of big predators.

That’s why in the wild animals will often hide when they feel unwell as a means of protection.

Of course, our pets do not need to hide from predators, but some will display the same behavior towards the end.

They might:

  • Avoid human contact and interaction
  • Prefer to lie in their crate or another “safe” place
  • Run away if given a chance.

Hiding doesn’t always mean that a pet is dying, but when it comes to sick and elderly dogs, it’s not a promising sign.

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#4 Problems with coordination

8 Warning Signs That a Dog is Dying unsteady on feet

Does your dog have a problem moving from one place to another?

Is Rover unsteady on his feet?

When the end nears, most animals start to have problems with their coordination.

  • Rover will stumble and fall, or he won’t be able to stand at all.
  • He also might refuse to move from his spot.

The lack of coordination is because they are physically weak or the disease has affected and impaired the brain functions.

Nevertheless, it’s a telltale sign that you have to prepare for the worst.

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