7 Signs of Liver Cancer That Every Woman Needs to Know

As many cancers, liver cancer signs don’t appear in the early stages, As a result liver tumors are diagnosed at a more advanced stage. Because of the routine screening tests not recommended for “liver cancer” aren’t developed,

people with a family history of the disease or other risk factors should talk to their doctor about steps they can take to see or decrease the risk.. The “National Comprehensive” Cancer Center recommends performing alpha–protein and surgical blood tests every six to twelve months for people with a high risk of liver cancer.

#1 liver cancer rates are increasing

Liver cancer is somewhat rare in about 2 Thousand new cases each year in Canada, but it is 1 of the “fastest growing” cancers in the country. Liver cancer signs do not usually appear until the cancer reaches advanced stages, so regular screening may be the key to survival rates.

If we have someone who has regular screening and looks like cancer, we can treat it if it has an advanced disease that has spread outside the liver, says “Ghassan Abu Alfa” a medical oncologist at Memorial “SloanKettering” Cancer Center. . We prefer not to see patients with symptoms.

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