19 Clever Girls’ Hacks Everyone Should Know

17. The ‘spoon formula’ for a perfect eye makeup

Have an important meeting in the day followed by a birthday party in the evening? And you woke up to puffy eyes, right? Don’t worry! Keep a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes and rest them around your eyes. It is so soothing that you will feel an instant need to hit the bed but please don’t do that (important meeting, you remember, right?) You can also try some frozen tea bags for that matter too. It works wonders!

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18. Quick lipstick from a broken one

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can make your own lipstick! And it’s time to take out your abandoned broken eye-shadow and give it a life. To make some, melt some vaseline in a metallic spoon over a candle flame. Add some eye shadow pigment to the melted vaseline. Mix it slowly with a small wooden stick to avoid any bubble formation. And hear a lot of ‘Hey Beautiful’ compliments on your way!

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19. Creating matt lipstick out of gloss ones

This hack is a life-saver to all the lipstick-loving girls. You are bored ofyour gloss lip colourand want a matte one instead. Don’t worry! We jugaadu girls always have wayout! Apply the gloss lip shade. Blot it on a tissue. Re-apply the shade and add a small quantity of translucent powder to your lips and spread them evenly. You can even go in for some matching matte eye-shadow colourif you like. Taa-daa!

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJOcJSIBOnk

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