19 Clever Girls’ Hacks Everyone Should Know

11. Feet exfoliation

Exfoliate your tired feet by soaking them in a tub filled with warm water, listerineandvinegar. Not only it is all natural and very soothing, but it would even save you from those expensive salon visits!

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12. Softest legs ever

Prep yourself for a pre-shave pamper. Apply baking soda to exfoliate. Use coconut oil, olive oil as it will not only give you a smooth shave,but also is a great moisturiserfor your legs.

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13. No more hurting underwires

First of allif your bra underwire hurts you, it is not well-fitted. You probably need to get them exchanged or buy new ones. But if you have pulled-off its tag and nothing can be done about it, so we have its fixture. Use a panty liner to cover those ‘hurt spots’ and you would not get hurt at the wrong place again. See, life made simple!

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