19 Clever Girls’ Hacks Everyone Should Know

5. Run your mascara wand under hot water for easier application.

Also, do NOT pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube — that causes it to clump. Twirl the wand inside the bottle before applying another coat.

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6. Tie your hair in two ponytails to create a bun that won’t fall out

Tired of having to re-do your bun because it has become loose? Try trying your hair in two ponytails at the base of your hairline to create the perfect bun that will stay in place all day. Tie the ponytails close to each other to make sure the ponytails are hidden, then twist the ponytails around each other and secure with a third bobble.

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7. Avoid messy mascara clumps with tissue and a clean mascara brush

If you hate clumpy eyelashes this beauty hack is perfect for you. Get natural looking eyelashes easily by lightly wiping your mascara brush with a tissue before you apply the mascara. You can also use an old, clean mascara brush after applying mascara to get rid of any clumps.

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