15 Top Brain Training Tips

15 Top Brain Training Tips

The brain is not designed to be multitask although people want to do everything at the same time. Imagine a woman who is carrying a baby on her arm while she is talking on the cell phone, doing laundry, cooking…poor brain. Yes she did all that stuff but then she couldn’t remember where she put the keys, she forgot to feed the dog and she couldn’t concentrate later when she tried to finish her work. Did you catch the idea?

There are some very easy activities or tasks to get started, things you have never imaging that will help you to make you brain fit and are available at your everyday life. Go on and take notes about these important facts.

1) Change your diet.There are some foods you can eat to improve brain function. We can’t not mention all of them but these are very important to consider them, berriesprotect brain from oxidation, this reduces age related conditions like dementia or Alzheimer, wild salmon is full of omega 3 which is great for brain function, nuts and seeds contain great amounts of Vitamin E that help to lessen cognitive decline, dark chocolatehelps the brain to release dopamine which al lows memory storage and learning functions, bananashave a significant amount of vitamin that reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease.

2) Go on a field trip.Try to visit a place of your interest at least once a week. Pay careful attention to details. Next day reconstruct the trip maybe by writing an essay including all details you remember. Activities like thinking and remembering will improve brain functions. Enjoy the experience!

3) Memorize.A good training for the brain will be memorizing a song or a poem, repeat it until you memorize and then write it down. Having better listening habits will active memory and help focus.

4) Play an instrument.Again listening skills are used to improve movements control according to sound as well as memorizing.

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5) Put those hands and eyes to work.Try some hand-eye coordination activities for example throw a ball and catch it. Your brain will respond to this action. These kind of activities will improve fast thinking and the way we response to a determine situation.

6) Exercise your vision.Just sit in a place which can be indoors or outdoors, stare straight and concentrate, focus in every object, person, you can see, a minute later write down a list about all things you can remember. Stare again and check with your list. This will help a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to develop attentiveness.

7) Change your hand.Use your other hand, do some activities that represent a challenge for example writing or eating. Learning new movements will help neurons to connect. When you become good at the activity, change it.

8) Move that body.Exercise! There are many benefits for the brain because of exercise, the hippocampus get stimulated and improves memory and learning ability. A healthy brain creates new cells. Exercise also makes heart pumps more oxygen to the brain improving brain cells growth. It also stimulates brain’s plasticity creating new connections between neurons.

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9) Catch a good sleep.Getting a good sleep will bring lots of benefits, while sleeping brain consolidates memories and sends information to the “long term memory section”. If you don’t sleep well probably you will have learning problems. This is why is very important for children to rest well so they can focus at school.

10) Read.Reading is a great activity for brain training; try reading genres you are not used to; like a science article or poetry. Read out loud and be aware of what you are reading, analyze the information.

11) Get social.In the same way exercise is important, having social interaction is very important for cognitive sharpness. Try to established long period relationships, join a fitness club, have a reunion with your college classmates, established a weeknight to do an activity with friends, be happy!

12) Learn a foreign language. If you really want to challenge your brain try to learn a new language, this would implied to think, write and speak in a different way you are used to. Being bilingual will duplicate the challenge to the brain. Now imagine if you learn three languages!

13) Meditate.When people think about brain training they associated it with exercise, moving, being active and I know you are thinking right now how could meditate will help brain training while being in a relaxed and calmed state, well meditation improves the ability of the brain to deal with stress. If you are not stressed your brain won’t be stress and you will be able to focus better.

14) Take a walkHumans are always thinking, even if we don’t notice it, all those mental conversations could interfere with constructive thoughts. Go for walk, get some fresh air, refresh your mind. Maybe at first you will be thinking about lots of things but as you continue you will be able to clear your mind.

15) Laugh!Did you know that laughter improves your brain function? Laughing is a great brain training exercise; it stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time, (few actions do this) so what about laughing more often.

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As you see this activities aren’t difficult and don’t take a lot of time, they can be practiced by children or elder people. You can easily start practicing them before to move on with a more challenging ones.

We have talked about changing habits to improve memory, learning abilities, how to focus in a better way; now let’s take it to the next level.

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