10 Shocking Facts About Dogs That You Haven’t Known Before

For centuries, dogs have been part of our lives. Man’s best friend is always there during the best and the worst of times. While all animals are unique and special in their own little way, dogs managed to climb to the top of the list with their incredibly intelligent characteristics and their humorous antics. The furry canines are not just companions, but are unique within the animal kingdom.

1. Dogs sometimes pretend to be sick, just to get attention from their owners.

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Today, dogs are smart enough to copy human behavior and there are some canines out there who are masters at faking a cough or limp in order to get some extra attention. The “faking” illnesses or injuries to gain attention technique is backed by many veterinarians. According to Dr. Richard Pitcairn, author of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, they get the idea while being genuinely sick.

When the owner responds with some extra care and cuddle time, it encourages the dog to continue the behavior after getting better. Although that doesn’t mean you should assume your dog is faking! Fortunately, you should have some form of dog health insurance.

It is never ever worth chancing it when it comes to the health of your pets. Remember some things can cause your dog to become genuinely ill. A dog can get sick anytime of the year, but more so during the colder months.

Take a look at some tips to help get your dog through winter. As well as sickness, you should also consider the food your dog consumes as well.

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They understand this much like learning to sit or shake, in exchange for treats. Do keep in mind that dogs cannot fake major symptoms such as fever or inflamed skin, so be sure to take them to a vet in such cases. Most fakers are known to limp or cough; things that they can control.

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